DigiSpark Development Board

I recently posted about the Arduino Leonardo that was an updated Arduino board at a slightly cheaper price than the $35 Duemmilanove I purchased a couple years back for the gait simulator project (It's now only $19 on Amazon for anyone that wants in on a cheap Arduino). I considered purchasing another board for my other projects but was hesitant to leave a relatively expensive board in a project that I wasn't even sure I was going to keep.

Well, thank goodness for the DigiSpark Kickstarter campaign. This new, quarter-sized board with built in USB connection and Arduino IDE compatibility only costs $12 (even less if you buy multiple pieces!) and has currently surpassed its $5,000 goal by $100,000! I've already backed it at the $28 dollar level and fully expect to use these in my next few projects. I plan on using this for an EMT emergency light (like this) once I get my EMT certification, or as a DIY bike computer (recently got into mountain biking). Propose some fun projects for me to do with this...no matter how wacky by clicking the button below!

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