Acaia Lunar + Decent Drip Tray

Down the expensive rabbit hole we go...

So as with most hobbies, I've fully committed to #coffeelife and decided to get a proper computer (masquerading as an espresso machine). I mean seriously, the machine takes 40 minutes to apply OTA firmware updates...

It's been a blast to use and it makes fantastic beverages with much less fiddling than my DIY Espresso Machine. The real draw is that you have the ability to define the pressure/time/flow rate/temperature during extraction which opens up the door to really experiment with getting what you want out of the coffee bean. A side bonus to all this complexity is that the machine can talk to various bluetooth scales for gravimetric based workflows. Basically, the scale can tell the machine when to stop pulling the shot based on a preprogrammed weight limit, a functionality usually reserved for machines that are orders of magnitude more expensive.

The beautiful (but dusty) Acaia Lunar... 

I opted for a used Acaia Lunar which fits perfectly within the Decent DE-1Pro's drip tray. It works really well but also just looks a little out of place sitting on top of the wire rack. Nothing a couple hours in CAD can't solve..

I spent a long time figuring how to split up the design so it was printable on my small 3D printer before fortuitously stumbling on someone's Xometry referral link on the Espresso Aficionados Discord which gets you $50 off your first order! I quoted the design as a PA12 SLS nylon part which, after discount, ended up costing only $14 shipped. That's sort of insane considering I remember quoting much smaller parts 8-9 years ago that would have cost hundreds to print. 


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