DIY Electric Espresso Grinder

What have we here...
(answer: unfinished CAD)

DIY espresso maker requires a good grinder and my cheap self didn't feel like coughing up for a high end espresso grinder. Fortunately for me, someone gifted me a manual espresso grinder and although it works beautifully, my lazy self also got tired of having to hand grind beans. So naturally, I wondered "how hard could it be to motorize this?"

Turns out, not hard at all. With $21, 3D printed parts, and some doohickeys from the spare parts bin, here we are:

Sore forearms no more! Previously it would take me maybe 80-90 seconds of medium effort to grind 18g of beans for espresso. Now it takes maybe 60-70 seconds and no effort at all except flicking that (awesome) toggle switch on top on and off. 


  1. Hey, i'm interested in doing the same thing, what grinder did you use? and what motor?

  2. Could you talk more about the design or include additional images? Thanks!